By Marionb

Finch 2.0 - Going for Gold.

Another miserable rainy April day..BUT, the good news is, two shrubs, newly planted last year, that I had just two days ago declared dead, are not! Two days of rain and voila! Green buds...SO....all is not lost. Let it rain. These last couple of indoor days have not been all that exciting, but have been relaxing. I enjoy watching the birds at the feeders ( obviously) and have spent part of each day working on an old needlepoint project (while watching the George Floyd trial on CNN) and another part reading novels..(see extra) I have included the latest book I have been reading in that photo as I learned about the author and the book on a blip entry by earthdreamer...another perk of this blip experience.  I am always learning something new. I really appreciate the stories, links and info people include in their entries. Oh yes, and I did enjoy the book....

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