Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto

Horse Chestnut - Buds and Leaves

I walked to the pharmacy this morning to collect our medication, which was supposed to have been delivered yesterday afternoon. This is the first time that the system has failed in over fourteen months. However, as we are now going out, obviously it cannot be left on the doorstep, so I have returned to getting notified by text when it is ready and then I will go and collect it.
This afternoon I decided to clean the oven, well I cleaned the glass door and then turned the dials to “pyr” and left it to get on with it. I will have to wipe it out and returned the shelves once it has finished, but that takes just a few minutes.
I took today’s picture, on my iPhone as I forgot to take a camera, it is of some Horse Chestnut buds and leaves; they form part of my one street too.
The temperature at GMT noon was ten degrees Celsius. Some frost first thing, followed by sunshine.

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