Arizona Dreamin’

By laurie54


I didn’t get out to take this photo until about noon and it was already beginning to fold up for a day. I still thought it was interesting. Cactus flowers aren’t always “perfect” because they’re often jammed up against something, a pad, another flower...

This one was on my grizzly prickly pear cactus. Cactus flowers are loaded with pollen. It’s that yellow stuff that seems to take away from how pretty and delicate they are. If the sun is just right, the petals are so translucent that you can almost see through them.

Another day in the mid-80’s and another day with strong winds which send that pollen into every one of my orifices from the neck up. Achoo! Red flag warnings are now a daily occurrence. It’s nosebleed dry. The humidity is 7%.

This is always the busiest day of my week. Housecleaning at 8am, followed by psychotherapy and the camera club black and white interest group. I had to log out of that meeting to join the monthly union meeting in Maryland. I’m a retiree representative to my former local association.

So really, not much of a day. :-)

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