Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

C is for Cute

Had a perfect morning at the refuge with three of my birder friends.  We saw an impressive 42 species of birds - yes, the migration is starting to warm up.  We saw both yellow-rumped and palm warlbers as well as moorhens and coots, all newly arrived in the area.  The warblers are passing through on their way further north but the other two will breed here.  Two shots starting HERE on Flickr - Palm Warlber in breeding plumage and a singing Song Sparrow.

We also found a lovely painted turtle female who was making her way to the lake, so we helped her out of the trail (see Extra).  And as we were leaving the marsh, one of my friends spotted this tiny little red-eared slider making its way across the trail.  It's about the size of an American quarter so it needed to be moved, too.  But not before I held it in the palm of my hand, feeling it's tiny little clawed feet on my skin - magical!  With luck, it will grow up to be a much larger adult turtle producing more tiny little babies like this one.  

Surgeon's office called to let me know they are working on dates.  I may end up going to a different hospital, but it's not that far from here and if it means I can get in sooner, that's a win.  Should know something tomorrow.  

And for anyone who isn't up to speed, one week ago I learned I have what is probably Stage 1 breast cancer.  I will have a partial mastectomy/lumpectomy to remove the tumor, some surrounding tissue and several lymph nodes.  That will be followed by radiation to kill any other random cancer cells.  This is a very standard and well proven treatment for this type of breast cancer and there is absolutely no reason to think I will not live to a ripe old age.  I plan to kick cancer's butt.

Troubling news about the J&J vaccines being suspended for the moment.  This will, unfortunately, feed the fears of those who are vaccine hesitant.  And at a time when we really need as many people as possible to get vaccinated.  

So, stay safe, people.  Be kind.  And I'm still recommending dark chocolate with ginger today, although feel free to sub the chocolate/sweet of your choice.


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