It Rained!

I was going to take my blip this afternoon when doing some gardening, but it rained - so here's my last two jigsaws. This morning I took delivery of some pond plants and got those put in. I also used the new garden tool I got in the sale called a Grumpy Gardener bulb planter - enables you to take a plug of soil out easily without bending down. This time I used it to easily create the holes for putting in 12 alpines, very quick and easy. This afternoon I did some ironing whilst watching the Sewing Bee. 

Day 395 /  Day 4 of Step 2 of Roadmap Easing (for my record only)
UK deaths up 30 to 127,191 (revised basis), with 2,672 new cases, 2,393 patients in hospital, 351 on ventilation and 201 new admissions (seems to have stopped going down). 32.4m have now received their first dose of the vaccine and 8.5m have had their second dose. The US Centre for Disease Control has reported an astonishingly low number of Covid infections so far in fully vaccinated people of 5,800 cases in 66m fully vaccinated, with 396 needing hospital treatment and 74 deaths. An awfully high number of 4.7m people in England alone are now waiting for hospital treatment (1 in 12), with 387,885 waiting for longer than 1 year - to put it in context NHS England has treated 400,000 Covid patients. Preliminary results from a study by the University of Oxford shows that the risk of developing rare CVT blood clots is 100 times greater than normal if you develop Covid (but still only 39 in 1m patients) and 8 times higher than after being given the AZ vaccine. The BBC has seen data from PHE showing that 82% of positive rapid coronovirus tests since 8/3  were confirmed by a PCR test where requested. 99.88% of the 26,144,449 rapid lateral flow tests undertaken between 8/3 and 4/4 were negative, but 30,904 positive cases were identified. 

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