Popping to the Pier

I had to wait in for a parcel today, so of course it didn't arrive until 3:30 That gave me enough time to drive over to Cromer and get a quick walk and photo on the pier - first time I've been in a year and lovely to see it without work being done on it. I had to get some cobbles from Homebase in Cromer, duly done. This morning I nipped into town to send a UPS parcel and another parcel at the post office - it was extremely busy and it was only 10am, I got one of the last parking spaces. I also planted 3 new hebes to replace the ones that died and put back up my two stained glass panels in the garden. 

Day 396 /  Day 5 of Step 2 of Roadmap Easing (for my record only)
UK deaths up 34 to 127,225 (revised basis), with 2,596 new cases, 2,291 patients in hospital, 329 on ventilation and 204 new admissions. England's R rate drops to 0.7-1.0. In private households it's estimated that 1 in 480 in Eng have the virus, 1 in 500 in Scotland, 1 in 920 in Wales and 1 in 710 in NI. The NW of Eng is again the worst region for infections. Globally total cases to date pass 140m and deaths pass 3m. Deaths in France pass 100k and in Germany pass 89k. 32.6m have now received their first dose of the vaccine and 8.9m have had their second dose (nice to see vaccine no's going up again). Pregnant women in the UK should now be offered the Pfizer or Moderna jab when age / clinical need dictates, after their use on pregnant women in the US showed no safety concerns. 600 in the UK have now had the South African variant, 524 of them in England. 77 cases of a new variant with a 'double mutation' originally identified in India have been found in the UK. So far it's a 'variant under investigation', but with 233,843 new cases in India today and this new variant which has been found in 5 states which are hotspots for the surge, it's astonishing that India is not on our Red List. 

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