A Busy Bee

This bee was very busy flitting between flowers on the lungwort, unlike me who was sitting reading in the sun. I've been very low on energy for the last few days, so am just taking it easy. 

Day 31 / Day 23 of Lockdown (for my record only)
UK deaths up 761 to 12,868 (imp to see figs in next few days after bank hol w/e figures). Still a lot of debate about care home deaths not being included. Italy up 578 to 21,645, Spain up 523 to 18,579.  Deaths in France exceed 17,000, but this includes care home deaths (6,524) unlike the UK and many other countries. New York City has revised its CV deaths to over 10,000 by adding 3,778 people who weren't tested for CV but are thought to have died from it. Globally confirmed cases pass 2M, with 0.13M deaths and 0.5M having recovered.

Only c6,000 business CV loans approved out of 28,000 applications and companies are warning they will go bust as they will run out of money soon. Warehouse and Oasis go into Administration. Unbelievably, Trump freezes funding to the WHO in the middle of a severe global pandemic. CV testing to be improved at Care Homes and government aims to recruit tens of thousands into working in Social Care. (I truly hope that following this disaster, Social Care is put under the same umbrella as the NHS with central funding via taxation). Captain Tom Moore has now raised an astonishing £9M for the NHS charity. 

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