By JennyOwen

Out in the sunshine

Watching Ruth and Jack with their own children these days, I'm often reminded of the crazy juggling acts involved in bringing up little ones.  Photos like this capture that, for me.  Never leave the house without a large bag (drinks, nappies, snacks, spare clothes) and a selection of optional entertainments.

Ruth started today tired out, and I went over to keep her company. It was one of those days when even getting 5 minutes for a quick shower seemed out of reach for her, without a bit of help.   So I took Luca out for a walk and nap in his pushchair, while Ruth prevented world war 3 from breaking out between Eben and Alfie (friend from next door, same age as Eben). She got her shower, and cleaned the house up a bit; we had some lunch together, and then went off to to the General Cemetery with Eben, Luca and assorted toys.
This might seem a strange playtime destination.  But in fact it's a lovely, wooded hillside, just outside the city centre. More info on its layout and history here:

It's had some landscaping and restoration work done, courtesy of a very committed local 'friends' group. Now there are paths and benches among the leaning tombstones.  On our way in, we passed an acapella singing group under an arched entrance to the old church near the main gates; they were practising Van Morrison's Moondance.  With their voices amplified a little under the stonework, the harmonies sounded wonderful.

Eben and Luca had a great time, chasing around in the sunshine. Ruth and I had a chance to catch up a bit together.  She and Josh have a couple of friends visiting at the weekend, so I'm hoping they'll get some respite - the school holidays have been a more intense juggling act than usual.

Meanwhile Marianna's mother, Liana, is due to arrive from Greece tomorrow. I have lost count of the number of Covid tests (and 100s of £) she will have to get through in order to make this visit possible. But it's wonderful that it's happening. As a still-practising  paediatrician, she has had both Covid vaccinations. But she'll still have to quarantine for her whole visit, as she's only due to be here for 10 days. Somehow I think Frieda will keep her Greek Granny pretty happy, even under those conditions.

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