Bits and Bobs!

By Kate64

Roadmap Out Of Lockdown Step 2 - Day 5

One of the oldest parts of town, and a designated conservation area, which is why you can still see the original Victorian lampposts (see extra for closeup). They may have been converted to run on electricity, but you can still see the rung on which the lamplighter used to rest his ladder every evening to light the gas lamps.

A frosty blue sky morning for my walk to the dentist, just for a polish this time. The dentist always used to do the polish as part of a checkup, but now you have to come back a second time and pay extra, more than double the cost of the checkup! Even with the Spring sunshine, the temperature hovered around 10 degrees, though it was lovely to feel the warmth of the sun on your face...

Take care, stay safe and well...

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