By JanetMayes

Project 365 day 106: celandines

I lured J outside with the promise of seeing the lambs, and planned to photograph the celandines on the verge outside the sheep field; but the lambs were all lying down in the furthest corner of the field, and someone from the council had uncharacteristically decided to mow the verge. I persuaded her that if we walked/wheeled along the road a bit, when we came back the lambs might be more active, but they weren't. However, the roadside verge had not only celandines but primroses, white and pink dead nettle, a small member of the cow parsley family, and what I think is oregano growing wild, though it doesn't yet have flowers open; I will be back. J didn't object too much to the walk and is resigned to my frequent photography stops, but complained of cold ears and nose and was glad to return to her computer and the Marvel universe. She probably thinks that's her fresh air for April ticked off. 

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