By Maureen6002


Today we finally get our chance to return to the RSPB reserve in Conwy - quite probably the last reserve to reopen in the whole of the UK. Quite why it’s taken so long is a mystery, but it is so good to be back exploring the ponds and estuary. 

Today’s star attraction is a Little Egret who we watch fishing for what looks like shrimp. They are such elegant birds, unexpectedly exotic with their snow-white feathery plumes - recent newcomers still standing out as something special. 

We watch ours strut his stuff, elegantly lifting up his orange feet before carefully stepping  onto the thick estuary mud - expression aloof as if disapproving of this sludge (extra). Carefully, he steps into a tidal channel, and surveys the water for a tasty morsel. He spots one, plunging neck-deep in, splashing spray into the air. His head emerges twisting round, cascading a trail of bubbles in an arc above his head, before tossing back his prize and swallowing. A job well done. 

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