By Barking

Abstract flower

This bright pink flower is blooming in our front garden. I was on my hands and knees photographing it. Abstract, but very pretty, and not my usual style.

I had a phone call at 8 this morning telling me that the doctor I was supposed to be seeing was sick herself and wouldn't be at work. They fitted me in at 3 this afternoon instead. I'm still quite confused about the situation. The doctor has put me on a second course of antibiotics in case I have atypical pneumonia, and some pain killers for the ribs. He sent me for an extensive blood test and has asked for the x-ray from the radiologist. On the way home from the doctor's, my osteopath rang and said that he and a colleague (who specialises in lung health) have deduced from my x-ray that my lungs are hyper-inflated. They have a plan to help me with that. So, essentially, I'm still waiting to see what the doctor says once he's seen the x-ray.

I'm back at work tomorrow (I have a full day). MrB is heading off to the river for a spot of fishing; he's packing now. Lucky him.

Abe's going to SR's tomorrow, as our deck guy is back to work on the deck and can't really have Abe running around while he's doing that. Abe will be exhausted. Our deck guy probably will be too! 


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