Yesterday’s Treasure Hunt

It was such a beautiful morning yesterday that I didn’t go straight home after buying bird food in Penistone but instead turned right through Oxspring and then up onto Snowden Hill.  I often forget when I’m tucked away at home that we have beautiful open countryside and views near home.  During lockdown I was tending to walk the same circular route up onto Mill Moor (with the exception of the day I had my accident) and although it’s a very lovely walk it hasn’t got the rawness and bleakness of the fields above Oxspring.  I stopped by the public footpath towards the top of the hill road and after a struggle with the stone stile (my ankle was a bit delicate) I made my way down the field edge to where I took the landscape photo showing Cubley and the wind turbines at Royd Moor.  I also took the notebook shots of the wire against the stone-wall.  Maybe I’ll go back there as I might get some multiple exposure shots or even closer in shots of the Lichen with the right camera and lens.

Back to Fox Valley in the afternoon so I could get my new glasses adjusted and also buy fruit and veg as I missed my usual Saturday trip to Penistone (they were resurfacing the road - well spraying it with tar and adding chippings).  A longish chat with GG who is doing some really creative stuff around re-photographing her own images - we’ve been having an ongoing conversation about photography and art and looking at some artist work that is in the book `Why it doesn’t have to be in focus’.  I waited and waited for my brother, who is in the US, to pick up my Zoom request and gave up around 6pm.  He was in the garage sorting things out apparently and his car clock was on Arizona time, so he was an hour out.  Finally, a chat with DW about her Skye photos that she shared with us on a presentation some months ago.  I thought our conversation about her photos went really well -  she needed the boost as she is fairly new to the camera club world.  We ended by sharing a few memories of our trip to RSPB Bempton with Ann on that beautiful day at the end of July, when we escaped lockdown for a short while. 

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