Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

The Two Bridge Loop

Decided to walk the loop of 2 bridges today, out the front door.  You can't see the other one from either.  This is the Montlake Cut between Lake Union and Lake Washington where we have spent a lot of time rowing in the past.   This Montlake Bridge we are standing on is going to be closed for repairs soon so we won’t be right here for awhile..(it’s a bit of a slog for me anyway…4 miles)  so therefore the blip.. better in Large   yes, spiced up a bit. :-) The crew races this year for opening day of boating May 1 will be limited to the UW and UC Berkeley, 2 big college  rivals.  NO other boats and no spectator viewing from the shore..  Only virtual.   And no yacht parade for the 2nd year in a row. It’s a virtual parade..submit photos of your boat, decorated.   (How weird is that!)  I do miss being there on the water.

The extra shows the first bridge —the green University Bridge —under the freeway bridge, from the new UW park on Portage Bay.

Sad extra:  the bushtit nest is in ruins… I can see it out my window but not well, and missed what happened in the last day or 2.…but I’m very sad to not be watching for the new birds.

Fiona Tuesday is Wednesday this week. ;-)

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