Walking Wombat

By WalkingWombat

Day 5

Wow, what an action packed day.  It started with a VERY early cup of tea and then out with the tripod and the cameras to capture the sunrise.  We decided that we would make the most of our “Rest Day” in Streaky Bay by filling in every second we could.  So much for a relaxing day to recover!!  Our trip to Cape Bauer and the Whistling Rocks was sensational and Mauzee has featured them on her journal tonight.  We drove back into town and enjoyed a fantastic lunch at a great cafe right on the waterfront.  The King George Whiting was sensational.  Sadly Doyley we were too early for the Oysters :(. We did however have the glass of champagne you recommended :). My image tonight is an image of a very tiny blipper dwarfed by two amazing rock formations out at Murphy’s Haystacks.  The last time I was there in 2015 there were little lambs frolicking around on the green pasture.  Too early for that this time but very dramatic all the same.  I have added three extras.  My favourite is the one of little Ruby, the Aussie Terrier.  We had a great chat to Ruby’s mums and we both decided that there was every chance we would kidnap her and take her to Western Australia with us.  

Tracking the Walking Wombats
Once again I have been setting our safety device every morning so that we can track our movements as we cross this great country.  We do have the ability to share this feature and Mauzee and I decided today that we would offer our blip buddies the opportunity to come on our journey with us.
If you go to the following link WA2021 and then type in the password - Walkingwombats2021 you will be able to track our movements.  The device is mainly to ensure that if we did get into strife along the way we could call for help even though we were out of mobile range.  It works on the satellite reception.   

We hope those of you who choose to take up our offer enjoy coming on the ride with us.  Allan46 (my big brother) has been following us and called me today because he could see we had headed back in an easterly direction.  Glad to know you’re keeping an eye on us Big Al :)
Tomorrow is the “Big Day” - by the time we post our blip tomorrow night (that’s if we have reception) we will have crossed over from South Australia into my home state of Western Australia.  Fingers crossed everyone, this is very exciting.  
Day 5
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