Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Teensy Weensy

I am guessing this is a male jumping spider, only because he was so darned small.  In fact, I had to do a blind focus on this since he was even too small for me to really see through the lens.  So I let the autofocus do the best it could, which was good enough.  To give you some size context, see Extra for a picture of him next to my finger.  What a cutie!  At one point, he jumped off the patio chair directly onto my camera lens - not the first time I've had this happen but still startled me.  

I went for my last pre-surgery workout this morning.  Unfortunately, I had to leave a little early because not one, but TWO people came in without masks on and the owner said NOTHING.  I was almost done with my workout anyway, but I left feeling really irritated.  I can't work out for several weeks after surgery so I will have some time to think about whether I want to continue with the gym or not.  

I had a nice phone chat with fellow blipper KangaZu who also has a surgery date in her future.  If you've met her (and her equally lovely hubby) in person, you know what a really dear person she is, inside and out.  Once we are both recovered, we will plan a meet up - something to look forward to.  

The day started warm and sunny, turned into a fearsome thunder storm and now the temp has dropped about 15 degrees.  Frost warning tonight and temps only in the 40's tomorrow.  Brrrr.

In spite of the irritation at the gym, it's been a good day.  And my countdown to Monday continues.

Be kind, stay safe.  And indulge in something rich and dark if you're in the mood...


PS:  and thanks to Caileach for Wild Wednesday!

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