Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Release Me...

and let me love live again - Statler Brothers

When your friend who rehabs wild birds texts and asks if you'd be willing to take pics of a bald eagle release ... you cancel all other plans and go!  The backstory of this beautiful creature is that it was found unable to fly about 3 weeks ago and brought to my friend's rescue center.  She quickly determined that the eagle suffered from lead poisoning, most probably caused by feeding on carrion of something killed by a gun.  Remarkably, my friend was able to stabilize and get the young eagle back to health in a little less than three weeks - ready to be free again.  The age is either 2 or 3 years (hopefully several detailed pics I took of the feather pattern on the wings will tell the story as it will show molt pattern).  Measurements of the tail feathers taken before release may also tell gender - for now we are just using the gender neutral pronoun "they"!  See Extra for a "moment of" release shot.  My friend said that sometimes eagles go down on the first release attempt, but this one flew straight out and then up, up, up - strong and sure.  

I love being able to record things like this.  It serves to remind me that every day in this world, people are doing kind things.  

In other news, the bluebirds are now working diligently on the nest in the garden with Missus bringing in beakfulls of grass while Mister supervises and sings.  

And I awoke this morning feeling perfectly fine after my rather wretched day yesterday.  My reaction to these vaccines seems to be very predictable - one day of misery and then back to normal.  I can live with that!

I think something dark with ginger today...


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