An ordinary life....

By Damnonii


...and it feels so good :-))

Christine is an agency worker who backs up Alan's own team, but as a safety precaution we stopped using agency workers during lockdown as they work in a variety of community settings and we felt the risk of covid transfer was too great.

Thankfully we can now return to offering Christine shifts and when we told Alan on Tuesday that Christine would be here today, he almost burst with excitement!   

His face when she arrived was a picture.  Lola was going nuts too and I have to say, D and I were just as happy to see her.  She is so lovely and has become like a member of the family.  

Busy morning here.  At one point there were four vans in the driveway!

Guys here to finish sealing the patio.  Car valet guy to valet Alan's car then the Home Recovery guy to take it to the garage as it had a slow puncture, followed by Tesco delivery!  Phew!   Oh and the postman turned up in his little van too!  

A quieter afternoon.  

David went to the driving range, Jordan and Alan went out for a walk and I sat in the sunshine and started painting a large version of my recent tulip-like flowers, since the small paintings have proved so popular.  Sadly the landscape painting I started yesterday is no more.  Not because I gave up on it but because I accidentally tipped my water pot over it as I reached for a paint brush.  Oh well.  I think the universe was trying to tell me something!  :-))

I also thought about what to make for lunch when Agnes and Adrian visit on Saturday, then I had a eureka moment.  I figured that in "normal" times we would have gone out for lunch, so as the closest substitute to that, I have ordered Afternoon Tea for four, from the caterer Ashleigh used for our Christmas present.  I figure seeing our best friends for the first time in eight months is a special enough occasion to warrant the cost :-))

And now dinner and another episode of The Flight Attendant. 

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