Capital adventures

By marchmont

One step forward, one back

Today was a good day, though only just.  A non working day and beautiful sunshine so I decided to have a 'mini day out' before my meeting this afternoon.  The destination was Lauriston Castle, a place I've never visited but as I was about to leave P, the garden reconstructor arrived to discuss the final plans for the front and the additional work I want done at the back. 

However, I still left in good time, taking the bus to a) get a good view of the city from the top deck and b) save fuel and be more carbon aware.

It takes over 50 minutes to get from Liberton to Silverknowes, across the city and through parts of Edinburgh i've never been to before.  I arrived at Lauriston in the beautiful sunshine i time for a take away coffee and cake from Mimi's. I sat and looked out to the Forth watching a team of tree surgeons cut down a tree.  Then a walk round the Japanese Frendship Garden, probably a day or two early for the cherry blossom, delayed by our cold nights.

Then time for the bus home.  It was hot on the front seat as it's pretty much a due south route.  The sun makes you sleepy. That may explain why, having got off the bus, 45 seconds later I realised I'd left the camera on the bus.  Oh no.  Home to get the car (the roofer was clearing the gutters) and 'chase' the bus to its terminus at Easter Bush (the new Dick Vet, another place I've never been). I flagged down a #37 and yes, some kind person had found and handed in my camera.  So all these miles I'd saved by taking the bus to Silverknowes were lost going out to the Bush. Mmm.

By the time I got home I deemed it was too late to join the meeting and that better use would be made of my time sitting in the garden.  Turned out I was correct as the 2 hour meeting finished after 45 minutes. Read my book, snoozed in the sun, spoke to A and had my dinner outside before a phone call to C about DVDs.  It was still sunny and warm so I went back out the road to Straiton to top up the fridge and freezer.

Now I'm trying to book a swim for Monday. Edinburgh Leisure seems overwhelmed. There is a real sense that my life is returning. 

F2F - 4
Phone calls - 2
Virtual - 0

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