By Maureen6002

Along the lake

Today we return to Llanberis and walk along the lakeside. Despite many previous visits, this is new territory as we walk along the disused quarry  track now open to walkers and cyclists.

 It’s glorious. We’re in the heart of Snowdon tourism - the mountain towers over the lake - but here it seems a million miles away from the ‘tow-away’ signs that line the mountain roads in an attempt to keep them clear of thoughtless day trippers who park on narrow roads without a thought for others.  

I’m not expecting to find this cormorant relaxing by the lakeside. Of course, I’d far prefer to see those gorgeous wings extended, dripping dry in the sun, but I’m too late. This is the dried-off meditative time before he flies off for his next catch.  Still, the light is perfect, highlighting the iridescence in the scale-like pattern of his feathers. Best of all, that gorgeous turquoise eye shines against the yellow facial markings. 

The stance is momentary, of course, and soon he’s off, a water take-off taking him to hunt his next catch across the lake. 

And then it’s home again to get our second Covid jabs - it’s seemed a long time coming and certainly deserves this evening’s Prosecco celebration! 

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