By Maureen6002


I’m rather hoping for a sunset walk today, but this is vetoed and instead it’s just a walk around the ‘block’. It’s cold and dull when we set off, and opportunities for blips seem slim, so I only take my iPhone with me - ‘just in case’. Of course, before too long  we’re blessed with clear blue skies and brilliant sunshine - though the wind is cold. Almost without thinking, we turn down to the beach. 

This was our sanctuary during the long months of lockdown, but since ‘freedom’ was restored, we really have neglected Colwyn Bay - and this afternoon we’re reminded what beauty’s on our doorstep. Unusually, there are small breakers rolling in, and we even spot a lone soul trying to surf - unsurprisingly he’s unsuccessfully.

Further up the beach, two paddle boarders are battling the waves. The conditions are hardly ideal, and this never gets beyond ‘kneeling paddle boarding’, but it’s fun to watch. 

Finally, it’s back home through the woody shade of The Dingle where I spot this little group of ferns - my main today, with a beach shot in extras. 

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