By Maureen6002


I’m sorry for the uninspiring title, but I’ve yet to identify the subject of my blip. I’m hoping it qualifies as ‘wild’ at least! 

It’s been a quiet day, somewhat subdued by post-vaccine stupor, so no major excursions take place. I do however, venture down to town to buy my new camera, deciding that my 7D really needs an upgrade - surprisingly we’re blessed with an excellent independent photography store. Having rejected going down either the full frame route or plunging into mirrorless, it’s the 90D I decide on. So there’s been a degree of faffing around with garden flower pics - most of which I’ve had to reject as possible blips as I forgot to change the date on the camera before I started! My previous choice of shot insisted on a January 1st 2000 entry date! 

So apologies, this isn’t my usual write-up, but hopefully normal service will be resumed tomorrow! 

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