By dfb24

Yellow Tulip

My daughter called me early yesterday afternoon to ask if I'd come stay with Noelia at 5:30. Mae's dress rehearsal for her Sunday dance performance was last night and my daughter didn't realize it went until 8:30--Noelia's bedtime is 7. So I went and stayed with her, & we finally had a breakthrough. While she initially tried to run through the doorway to go with them and briefly cried when I picked her up, she sat on my lap on the couch for a long time. Every once in awhile she'd lean sideways to look at me, but instead of the look of horror I got big smiles. Finally! LOL.
 I left when my son-in-law got home a little after 8, and was surprised to hear someone at our front door at 9:30. It was my daughter, with a dozen yellow tulips for me in appreciation for running over to stay with Noelia. It was very sweet of her to do, and the added bonus was I had flowers to photograph for FlowerFriday. Thanks to Anni for hosting.  (I'll apologize in advance because I'm going to be way behind on comments. Tom's sister is coming to visit for the weekend & so I won't be on the computer much.) Hope you all have a great weekend.   :)  

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