By dfb24

A Pair of Robins...

...eating what's left of my column of seeds which the starlings knocked to the ground last evening. The female was eating, and twice the male tried to come get some chow, and both times she chirped and jumped at him and he backed off. She's got him well trained! LOL. I shot both of these photos through the front window. Jennie and the girls came over last evening to visit with Toms' sister, and I think it was a bit much for Tom. He's been much more tired out the past couple of days. His white count is three times higher than normal and is due to the chemo pill rather than an infection. So we're holding the chemo pill, he's been started on another pill to help lower the white count, and he'll talk to the dr. on Monday afternoon after his labs are drawn. It's the same thing that happened last year at this time, when he was on a similar pill & his labs went haywire after being on it about a month. Hopefully he'll start to feel better and his appetite will pick up, as his appetite is almost non-existent right now & he's losing weight again.  

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