Life through the lens...

By ValC


Bluebells, garlic and daffodils.
The view from our lounge window. A lovely corner under the beech tree, which always looks beautiful in Spring.
( The bluebells are Spanish not the native English ones)

Another beautiful day. but a sneaky cool wind, especially in our garden.

I had an appointment at Dewsbury Hospital this morning for a visual fields test. Postponed from March 2019.
This time I went straight in. Before Covid the waiting room would be full, and I sometime had to wait an hour. I do hope when Covid is over we can still continue with this system, which is much better.

We have spent a lovely afternoon visiting our eldest grandson and partner.
First time we have seen their new house.
Lovely to sit in the garden and have a good catchup.
The date has been brought forward, and our first great grandson is now due on the 5th May. Needless to say we are all very excited.
Can’t wait!

Just sat having a nice bottle of Rioja which my sister gave me for my birthday.
It will go very well with our evening meal of rump steak. Cheers.

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