Life through the lens...

By ValC

Late daffodils.

The tulips are not yet fully out, but we have some lovely late flowering narcissus.
The one in the top left is a new one. The name is “ Mondragon” .A split - corona daffodil, and very striking.
Not sure of the names of the other three as I have had them a few years, and the labels have got lost.

A bit cooler today, but still mainly sunshine, and now a beautiful late afternoon.
Still no rain.

Mr C is a happy bunny as Leeds managed to draw, at home, with Manchester United.
He also enjoyed watching Burnley beat Wolves 4 - 0 . A hat trick from exLeeds player, Chris Wood.

Now looking forward to Line of Duty.
Wondering who shot who at the end of last week’s episode!

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