Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


I decided to go with a selfie of hubs and I because it’s the visual memory I want for this day. We decided that since it was such a gorgeous day, and because we needed to keep ourselves distracted, we’d take the tandem kayak out. I did most of the paddling (at my own request because I need to feel in control of something) and it was really perfect. We saw the Bald Eagles who nest on the lake - one adult and two young who would occasionally poke their heads above the nest. A few other birds and a lot of turtles and only a couple of other people on the whole lake.

We dropped the kayak at home and took the Camaro out to get a Starbucks (drive through). Hubs is now having a little nap while I am preparing to roast a chicken for dinner.

No signs of our owl, but that’s no surprise. He will lay low until he gets the lay of the land. If we are lucky, maybe we will hear him tonight or tomorrow night.

One more day. I am very anxious to have the first step of this process done. And in 48 hours, the surgery will be in my rear view mirror. Yay. Meanwhile, I’ve got some wonderful chocolate.

Safe, kind, chocolate...


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