By Ingleman

Jungle Warfare

It is 24th day of April in the year of our Lord 2021. We are in a little market town in mid Wales called Llanidloes, we are walking alongside the River Severn which rises in the hills to the west of the town and runs a meandering course southwards down to its destiny with the Bristol Channel in the south. Here, as it meanders through the lush farmland and villages of mid Wales, it is bounded by a wide variety of flora and fauna. Namely, magnificent drifts of wild garlic which mesmerise you with its heady aroma. And Hollie, who does not! She is in her element, a force of nature, and loving every minute of this game of life. But when she is damp from swimming in the river she pongs something rotten. But hey, we are on holiday for a brief moment, she is happy and life's too short. What's worse., the stench of garlic or mouldy dog? You decide...

Thanks as always for comments and stars on yesterday's sunset picture, much appreciated! 

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