By Ingleman

Neighbourhood Watch

Another lovely sunny day, my face is burning from sitting outside, socially distanced banter with a neighbour, and plentiful tea and Welsh cake. Jim is a mechanic, and has owned a Classic Frog Eyed Sprite for 50 years. He is coming to the end of a long and arduous period of restoration and I am booked in for a test drive when it is back on the road. It has had an engine upgrade and when  I asked about expected performance, the laconic reply was '' motorbike speeds'..... When this mini beast comes down the road, the curtains will be twitching, and my ears will be burning....wish me luck!

I am loving this climate change, but we do need some rain. Hope it changes soon, my garden is parched and  my butt's empty.

Have a good week everyone, enjoy the weather while it lasts.... 

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