Come Fly With Me

Well, what can I say. 

Here we are, taking a quiet stroll along the tranquil waters of Clywedog Reservoir in Wales when suddenly the air is throbbing (I mean throbbing!) with the unmistakable sound of a very large dragonfly. Chinookus Cacaphonyii.

We could hear it, the pulsating thrum of it's immense wings reverberating off the valley walls and all around us.

And suddenly, there it was, coming down the valley. Fast and low. Very low. 

It took no more than a few seconds to chase us down from nowhere and swoop past, the downdraft from the giant wings churning the surface waters of the lake. 

It sped down to the far shore of the lake where it suddenly came to a halt, hovering menacingly and sending up a terrific cloud of spray from its mighty engines.

It seemed to be floating on air, it WAS floating on air, literally. Even at half a mile distant the noise was immense. 

Then, just as suddenly as it appeared, it gained forward momentum and sped away, around the headland and it was gone. 

All was silent. And still. As if nothing had happened.

I enjoyed that. 

Drama in the hills. For free! 

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