By Kipsie

John Deere tractor circa 1945

Just one of a collection that you will no doubt see in the coming weeks as I contacted the owner last week to ask if it would be okay to take some pics. I did'nt get to speak to the owner unfortunately, only his partner, so can only presume that he intended restoring some of these beauties, well, perhaps not beautiful now but with copious amounts of TLC could be once again.

An early visit to the plot to do some much needed watering, followed by my Indie walking duties. Mum & I then spent an hour working on her jigsaw puzzle. Slowly but surely it's taking shape...... only another 900 pieces to go. I left Mum to it to go and take my Blip.
Back home, I watered the seed & seedlings in the greenhouse before lunch.
This afternoon I made a batch of sage & onion stuffing, some for today, the remainder portioned & frozen. Then I butchered the fresh turkey thigh & leg I bought at Morrison's. The thigh, boned, made 1 stuffed (sage & onion stuffing/sausagemeat/dried cranberries) & rolled joint, plus 6 portions of diced thigh. All bagged & frozen. The leg roasted for dinner tonight was delicious. Far more flavour in turkey than chicken.

We've got a scruffy male Blackbird visiting the garden everyday. It's very skittish so was thinking it might have survived a feline attack, then this afternoon another male Blackbird flew in & attacked it, so I dashed out to shoo it away.

Forgot to mention in yesterday's blip that I was asked when I picked up my prescription if I would like to take & use the Covid-19 Self-Test NHS test & trace kit available FREE to everyone from the pharmacy. The government want as many people as possible to participate. The test is done at home, the results loaded onto the NHS app. The kits made in China of course!!

Thank to Marlieske for hosting Derelict Sunday

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