By Kipsie

NOW is the time to be cracking on

with planting up on the allotment, freeing up space in the greenhouse for other crops to be sown etc., and this morning it was broad beans. My soil is far from being perfect for planting but it will gradually improve with the addition of farmyard manure & crop rotation, I hope. It was quite chilly when I arrived so added another layer before i started planting, first job though is to feed Mr Robin. He soon arrives if I call him, this mornings fly-through breakfast menu consisted of breadcrumbs & sunflower hearts, both of which seemed to please him along with the occasional protein fix. Broad beans planted, I gave everything a good watering, before potting on the remainder of my charity sale plants. A couple of trays left to do but they needed a good soaking. Eric, a local chap who does a bit of growing kindly gave me some 13cl & 1ltr plastic pots, most of which have now been used. I arrived on the plot at 7.30am got home at 1.45pm. Feeling rather pleased with myself. Shirley a neighbour had left  her surplus Sweet pea & French marigold seed outside my front door, so another little job popping those into packets for either selling of giving away at my sale. I had a message from Jorgiesmum on my phone, inviting me to go hare watching this evening, which I leapt at, but by 5pm I was flagging so had to decline. Working in the sun must have got to me. Hopefully have another opportunity.

I did a few jobs in the garden after lunch, cleaning the moss out of the garage guttering. There is a slight possibility of rain on Wednesday so I want to be sure it ends up in the water butts. Potted up a couple of clematis I bought at the supermarket earlier in the year, positioned them by the pergola, so fingers crossed they should give a good show later on.

I made a hearty turkey, & veg coconut soup for dinner.

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