The piece of glass really needs replacing. BUT we're afraid it might come crashing down IF we try to remove it. It's at the back of Mum's garage, & been like this for a long time. The water butt in front is not used as the tap has snapped off. The guttering & down pipe need replacing too. Jobs that need to be done but not by me. Actually, the garage needs replacing but as it would cost quite a lot of money, & Mum does'nt have a car any longer it's not on the list of things to do.  I did some gardening jobs fro Mum early this morning, after I'd watered the plot, & before I moved & turned 2 full compost bins. After doing the pruning for Mum, a quick walk around her garden looking at her plants, obviously mindful of the social distancing, I collected the grass cuttings and whisked them back to my allotment. I've moved the compost bins to a new location behind the sheds, freeing up space for at least 3 courgette/pumpkin/squash plants so I've left some of the well rotted compost ready to dig in. There were slight logistical hitches,  a tight squeeze getting past the newly positioned water butt, but as it was full, I had to resort to plan B, reducing the gradient of the slope, so that I could make a wider sweep to manoeuvre the wheel barrow. 
I installed my bird scarer between the rows of peas... It looks really cool! I hope it works. 12.30 time to head back home.

I lightly sanded the decoupaged tables then gave them a 3rd coat of varnish. Time for lunch, pate, toast & olives ... black, or green? I had both. The black olives are from a new range at the Coop from Cypressa. Very enjoyable indeed.

A bit of fiddling about up in the greenhouse this afternoon. Glorious sunshine yet again, but rain on the way. A few jobs I want to get done before it's due to arrive on Tuesday if the forecasters have got it right.

I made a batch of Mary Berry's rock cakes, before making dinner tonight. They were okay, but possibly need a tweak next time.

Thanks to Marlieske for hosting

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