By Kipsie

Tonight's stakeout

was rather prickly. Gorse does'nt make the best cushion. Note to self for next visit, take squidgy underlay/cushion/picnic chair. Jorgiesmum has her eye on the tree, which although looks like a great vantage point, the disadvantage is sitting on an uncomfortable branch for a couple of hours. I'm happy to settle back in the gorse & bracken. Lots of fresh activity around the sett so we know they are in residence, no brock sightings however, but did spot a tiny rodent whizzing about for a couple of minutes, plus 2 midges mating on my jacket sleeve. Life on the edge!!! Jorgiesmum took a selfie, this is mine. Hence my #feetfirst. If I ever travel anywhere I take a foot photo, not a fan of facial selfies. We had a laugh.
Earlier in the day hubby had an appointment with the Dermatology dept at Torbay hospital. They took a biopsy, & think the skin irritation is possibly caused by his medication.
Later I met up with Josie & Sandy in Totnes for a long overdue catch up, we last got together before Xmas. Can't believe it's been that long. We walked down into town and lunched beside the river Dart. Tapas washed down with a Thatcher's cloudy. Perfect!

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