The accidental finding

By woodpeckers

The process of decay

That's one of the things that children are supposed to learn in nursery or preschool. I blipped these tulips five days ago on our garden. They've now gone over, but as the buds I snapped on a tree at lunchtime didn't come out well, this will be my blip.

Not so many steps today: Steve drove me into work because I had a giant Jenga set to take in. Afterwards I walked to Tesco to get a mug for Steve (he broke an old favourite) then back to the bus stop at the bottom of town. Caught the bus to the top end of the cemetery/nature reserve and walked downhill all the way home. Beats walking uphill, as I usually do.

My Zoom Class started at 5.30 and went on till 7. Since then I've cooked supper and watched an episode of The Unforgotten. A new episode of something else is about to start now. My life in watching crime drama is a great deal more exciting than my actual life.

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