By flavia13


Yeah I went on a mini expedition today.  I went all the way over to Arnside!!!  Just over The Bay in fact.

I just didn't fancy housework or staying in and as I haven't been over to Arnside for about a year now I thought I'd pay a visit.

What a great day to visit - I know the weather's changed a bit, but I don't mind that I'm not one for hot weather and it was pleasant enough this morning without a coat.  

As I got there The Cumbria Fire Service we unloading a dinghy and were obviously doing some Bay Search and Rescue training.  So I watched them for a little while Then As I walked along the water's edge in front of Ashmeadow House the Tidal Siren sounded (must have been the second one) and almost straight away there was the Arnside Tidal Bore coming in.  Sadly I wasn't far enough along the pathway to get the best shots but I did manage get some (see the first collage). 

Now if tourists were to be there as The Tidal Bore comes in and watch carefully they will see just how quick the tide comes in, it is immediate but is so fast within seconds the sands are covered.  It still takes my breath away even now.

By this time there were quite a few people about so rather than walk back along The Prom I decided, at long last, to visit the Ashmeadow Woodland Nature Reserve (see the second collage) and as recommended by Knottman2.  It was so lovely.  Such a lovely little woodland, so well kept and with fabulous maps and interesting information about the woodland. There was a party of school children along the main pathway at the top having a nature lesson.  It was so funny because at that  point I decided to turn left and visit the War Memorial there to move away from the children and all I could hear was one of the teachers, who sounded just like the famous monologue by Joyce Grenfell from many years ago (UK people of a certain age will certainly know what I mean) and it made me chuckle - it went something like "now that tree is a Beech Tree, now Bradley do stop that, stay in your pairs, don't do that" and so on.
I had a lovely wander around up there but eventually had to go past the children to get to the little orchard, being children of course they brushed past,  just playing and getting excited but one of the teachers saw them and got them to move over for me - phew.  It's so daft because normally it wouldn't bother me at all, but I covered my nose and mouth with my hands and shuffled through but saying thank you as I went!!!!!

I ended up coming out on Silverdale Road - I never knew it came out there before. From there I just went back down to the Prom and onto the pier to watch the Bay Rescue Team weaving in and out of the arches on Arnside's famous viaduct and as I did so a goods train went over and I managed to get a shot of the train with the bay rescue team below them - yeah!!

I just then drove home via the back roads of Silverdale and Carnforth.  All in all a really lovely morning out.  As I drove past the entrance to Scout Cragg Caravan Park I noticed that the woods were full of bluebells so I may have to pay a visit very soon, if I can fit it in.

Since I've been back it's rained and hailed, the tides well and truly come in and is now back on its way out again.

Hope you all have had a good day.  Do take care and stay safe and I will see you all again tomorrow.

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