By JeanSnaps

Male reed bunting.

Not a bad day with sunny patches and showers.  Kitchen cleaning and grocery day as usual with some washing thrown in for good measure.  My legs are still not happy so I didn't walk and had a lazy afternoon feeling a bit sorry for myself.  Was very tempted to photograph in the garden but got in the car wishing I hadn't left things so late.  However luck was with me. I turned into Birnie Nature Reserve which I expected to be busy but there was only one car.   As a result I stayed photographing birds and was lucky to get this reed bunting.   I photographed a female here a while ago so it was lovely to see a male.  I hope they are nesting.  It would be nice to have some chicks.  Must stop lazing around so much.  It lowers my mood.  I need to get out in the car if I can't walk.   There's always something interesting to see. 

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