By Hillyblips

Here With Me

I won't leave
I can't hide 
And I won't go 
I won't sleep
I can't breathe
Until you're nesting here with me ....

a little bit of licence there ;)

Hot footing it to the park after the hairdressers I was hoping for a grebe shot that floated my boat, thinking I might catch the the little ones on the lake having a boat trip.

Instead I saw what for me was unusual behaviour for them which I was completely misinterpreting. All became clear as you can see from the photograph. The small chat in the middle of the lake, the tiny crest display the more it seemed to me awareness of each other not so obvious really but now is very clear. When she lay flat on the nest after a few neck stretches I had honestly no idea what it meant. I thought she was chatting to the kids who were around the nest telling them to get back in. Nope. 

Twice they mated in the time I was there and thrilled to see something so amazing - oh yes. 

Sorry Dido

My blip buddy Deb was there in spirit :))


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