Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


The Abstract Thursday theme today as set by Ingeborg is 'express yourself with edits'.  So I decided to start editing a selfie.  I used the glitch  feature of the In Collage app on my phone. I decided to use rainbow colours. Everyone loves a rainbow.

Musical link - Chasing The RAINBOW by America

Had a quiet day at home.  Didn't even do many chores. Around 5pm I set off for the Church Hall for slimming club.  Our usual consultant wasn't there as she has been in hospital this week and only got out today so she decided to stay at home.  Another consultant took over weighing in the hall but my consultant did the Zoom meeting at 8pm. 7 of us took part in  Zoom and most of us lost weight.  I lost another half a pound.

Had a nice Whatsapp chat with Becky this evening. She's doing well. 

Steps today - 8,938

CORONA CLASSIC - Glenn Miller-"Rainbow Rhapsody"

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