By TynvdB

After this long and exiting day I decided to postpone my journal writing until tomorrow. Have a good night. All of you.

Indeed, ist been an exciting ly intense day. Rather unusual for a Locked-up Widower like me.
First I had to be tested as a precondition to have my hair done. This time I chose the local Pharmacist. Not knowing that he does not like to do this job at all. Of course there is always this unknown risk for the tester. Apparently this risk-anxiety turned this normally customer-friendly man into a highly irritable impatient growler. His short orders were hardly to understand from behind his double mask. I will not further describe the funny scenery. I really apprecite the difficult community task my Pharmacist has to perform and the courage you have to bring up to expose yourself. So thankyou, Sir,  for helping me to have my haircut.
In the timelapse between the test and the hairdressing I went back home. And there Our Heatingmechanic came up by surprise to install a device to regulate oilpressure. Again, I’m gratefull for this work to be done. As i am and told to the nice owner of the hairdressers saloon. She served me all alone and we had a very good conversation about the most strange, weird and extrem effects this covid-pandemic on the attitudes and behaviour of various people.
Then I could make a good appointement with Our Gardener  nearby, who will come and help. OhmyDear, Our  Beautifull Roses,they have suffered so much during the snowperiod.
After that Our Old friend Gerlinde was so hospitable to serve me tea and toast. Time to tell about all these things that are going on. And we arranged that we would meet again during a visit at Our Home. To join the surprisevisit by a common friend of Ours. Notably Antje B – no longer living in Our town – She has brought all of us together during that first Foto-exposition of Willemien  in 2013. Since then we have kept meeting each other. So very special to have you both at Our Large Window-table. And Willemien was happy to join us in the spirit of eternal love and friendship. Thankallofyou for such a blessing experience.

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