By evolybab

Flower Friday...Roses

I had a lovely surprise this morning when L called by with a bunch of these beautiful white roses...to cheer me up!  How kind. I have been down in the dumps again as I have withdrawn from the proposed purchase of the house in Yorkshire.  I decided after careful consideration of the survey, that it just wasn't worth negotiations and/or being left with possible unknown and expensive remedial work. I am too old for the hassle. So it's onwards and upwards and back to daily searching of the internet. Maybe third time lucky. I have also been suffering from the most horrible neck pain for the last month...I think I will have to visit the doctor soon!
I forgot to add an extra of Ben taken last month before they left Danang for Ho Chi Minh City.....it's not half so nice living there.

Thanks very much for the appreciation of the abstract yesterday :)

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