An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Take the long way home...

The cuckoo woke me just before 6am.  I will miss that cheery little alarm.

We packed most of our belongings last night so had no need to rush.  Enjoyed a bowl of porridge whilst enjoying the lovely view (in extras) for the last time (for now. We definitely hope to return.)

We left just before 10am and headed to Kenmore and stopped for a wander in the little shop there.  First time I have been in a shop since early November, I was giddy!  I bought a warm cable knit wrap and David bought a bunnet!  We have officially entered middle age!  lol

We found a wonderful farm shop / Deli on the outskirts of Aberfeldy (after all our trips to that neck of the woods I can't believe we've only now discovered this gem, but better late than never:-) and bought a picnic lunch of mini sourdough rolls with smoked ham and coleslaw, and roast beef and piccalilli, coffee and almond croissants. 

We had planned to stop and enjoy these goodies beside the banks of the river Almond in the Sma' Glen, but it started to rain and we were worried the coffee would cool so we pulled over and sat in the car instead, with the view of the Sma' Glen in the distance.  The food was amazing.  

Got home just after 1pm and the sun was shining again.

Alan was very happy to see us, I even got a kiss!  He's had a great week, been out and about every day.  Earlier this week he Indicated to Ashleigh that he wanted some changes made in his bedroom.  

Lots of surfaces in his bedroom are covered with Nik naks that's he's gathered over the years on various holidays and trips, as well as a couple of his favourite cuddly toys from his childhood.  He wanted them all removed.  He's decided it's time for a makeover.  New decor, new curtains, new....well everything!  lol  I look forward to seeing what he chooses!  :-))

Lola arrived home an hour after us.  We missed her lots and she was happy  to see us.  She's had a great few days with dog walker R and his family and two dogs.  Apparently Lola and their dog Biscuit have been sharing Lola's bed.  Very cosy :-)

Tesco order done for delivery tomorrow, dinner from J & F so no cooking tonight,  and lunch arranged with Norma and John for next Friday.

Great end to lovely week.  Will begin my catch up of journals tomorrow.

Have a great weekend Blip Pals.  

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