By randomgirl

My special tree

A quick walk round my neighborhood today resulted in photos of blue sky and bright sunshine at first, followed by ones taken through a grey mist of rain...(see extra)

I have in past years taken successive photos of this tree as it changes through the year. It stands prominently on a corner of the road and I think it's a Sycamore. I really like it's shape and the fact that it's leaves go through several different attractive colour changes.

About a year ago some council workmen came by and chopped off a few of it's larger lower branches. (Not for any good reason I could see - they weren't intruding into the road) I was quite upset as not only was I worried they had spoiled it's balanced shape, but they had done it in a way that was more like tearing the branches rather than chopping them. They had even left bits of torn branch hanging forlornly.

Anyway, luckily it's still looking beautiful and healthy now and if I don't look too closely I can forget about the rude damage that they inflicted on it! I like the fact I accidentally caught a crow flying over it today.

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