Desperate, desperate blip

I woke early, and got up late. I kept sizing of listening to the extra edition of 'Obsessed by Line of Duty'.

One up I did the usual Saturday things including posting the books from yesterday, International Economy, not Standard.

I am very tired and I spent the rest of the day doing geeky things with a spreadsheet. Since would call it work. I just called it a diversion, and I had R4 and a shredding Willow for company.

I've broken my whirlie, caused by the dramatic collapse to the ground last week. I have no idea of it will mend.

My desperate blip is off my wonderful rice cooker. Unfortunately the instructions for all the functions, translated from the Chinese, are less wonderful.

The extra is lily of the valley as it's Fete du Muguet.

F2F - 2
Phone calls - 0
Virtual - 0

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