Rubbish, rubbish night but at least it meant I was up well in time for yet another KL birthday party. This time it was Si yi (Wen Fang). She is 30 on Star Wars Day. The girls were in good form. #1 has volunteered for an AZ vaccine. Malaysia aren't giving it to those 60+, only those 18-60.

Did some housework (!), and bought some gluten free treats. For Y and K. We sat outside for almost 2 hours till it got really cold. The weather suits the alpina clematis.

I did a wee bit gardening until it looked like it was going to pour. It didn't. Tried to mend the whirlie. Stupid accident. Sorted out the choir constitution and did some College emails.

L phoned. Hoping to meet up soon.

Then it was dinner and TV. I think everyone will agree L of D did not live up to the hype. Doubt it could really.

I'm more alert than yesterday, which was a lost day. I must never have another week like last week.

F2F - 3
Phone calls - 1
Virtual - 1

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