Cat on cushion

After waking early and breakfasting before the swim I've decided I'm going to abandon my 8.30 swim tribe and try out the 7.30 mob, tomorrow.

Bank holiday and the unseasonal weather continues. I decided to do a wee bit pottering in the morning before the promised rain arrived. Y phoned and a Glasgow visit is arranged. And yesterday's call from L probably means another meet up at the end of the month. Such delirious joy! There were also quite a few messages from #2 son. That means another job to be added into the diary.

Then the rain arrived and is bucketed most of the rest of the day. I did tick a few things off the to do list, the major one being renewing my passport. Oh that I'll be able to use it.

Willow was out and in a few times. Soggy fur!. By evening it was still very wet, still very cold and dark. I had the winter fairy lights on again. Sewed while watching undemanding but interesting TV.

To think a couple of weeks ago I was worried about the pond getting low. Now I'm worried about the tadpoles drowning! And whatever is destroying the felt in the planter was back this afternoon. Squirrel? Magpie?

F2F - 2
Phone call - 1
Virtual - 0

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