Fire tulip

An odd dream to do with haIrcuts kicked off the day and then quite a lot of talking and messaging: with T, mum, H my niece (who is finding her hospital in Newcastle is so quiet she's able to have more time at home), the vet, #2 son and the vet again. Molly is an old lady who is struggling and staggering. It was to be a video consultation on Monday but now it's actual. I cuddled her a lot this evening.

In between there was laundry and the afternoon was mainly spent in the ANESFHS Edinburgh group meeting talking DNA testing and other things genealogical. It was very successful. Then I cut the grass, also successfully

My project continues. I'm at the  creative stage now and I continued with 'Last Tango...' but there was no GMW but I did order a thermometer just in case the UK version of 'the good ideas club' goes down that road.

16 days gone, 5 to go, for now.

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