By dunkyc

About m'boy...

The females in my life have been getting a lot of the press on my blips lately, so it seemed only fair to shine the spotlight on m’boy.

His mother has made an admirable effort in keeping his hair respectable over Lockdown 3: This Time It’s Even Lockier, but he was due a proper trim at his favourite Turkish barbers. A plank of wood was brought out to raise him up in the barber’s chair and whilst Matty and I enjoyed some in-shop Turkish hip hop music, in a flurry of clippers, snippy scissors and some industrial strength product, m’boy was given a sharp new ‘do.

My mother had bought him a new shirt and he was keen to show it off, which as it turned out was the only half decent photo I took all day. He’s been on great form lately and I love seeing how much he takes pride in his appearance. 

I found some stillness this afternoon. The children were happy on various screens, so with the sun continuing to bathe the backyard this afternoon, I was determined to make the most of it. I sat facing the sunshine and did and thought of nothing. I felt the warmth on my face, the bench beneath my bottom and listened to the birds chirping, the faint hum of traffic, neighbours laughing and the wind blowing through my plants and flowers.

Stillness. It’s the future.

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