Welcome Home, Little One!

It is a highly anticipated moment: the arrival of the very first hummingbird of spring. I actually saw my first hummingbird on April 23, at my parents' house, which is south of where we live, around 1:15 to 1:30 in the afternoon. My mom said that this year, for some reason, she was really looking forward to seeing them again; all four of us who were there saw it.

The first tiny bird showed up at our own house on April 29, at 8:43 in the morning. The feeder has been out for about two weeks already, so the lucky bird found snacks awaiting at the end of its long, long journey of hundreds and hundreds of miles. The following evening, my husband spotted two of them chasing each other around the yard.

I was determined to capture a photo of one of our new arrivals, so on this day, I was sitting in the backyard with my camera, when this male ruby throat hummingbird showed up and got a little something to eat. I was thrilled to get a few decent photos, and here is one. Now you can celebrate with me!

Welcome home, little one!!!!

The soundtrack song is this one: Bonnie Raitt, with Feels Like Home.

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