Covid Vaccine: One and Done!

My husband and I have been waiting to get our Covid shots. We do not have any special health risks, so we were not eligible earlier on. Our governor announced that as of April 13, all adults in the state of Pennsylvania would finally be eligible for the vaccine.

We also learned that PSU's Bryce Jordan Center (where we have seen MANY a fine show!) would be hosting a series of Covid clinics. They would be sponsored by the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) and Department of Health, in partnership with the Pennsylvania National Guard.

We wanted to get the one-shot Johnson & Johnson jab, but at about the same day that our governor opened up availability for us, it was announced that the Johnson & Johnson shot was being put on hold, as the CDC evaluated the health risks of it, related to rare blood clots in a very small percentage of recipients.

On the same day that we last visited my parents, the CDC held a special committee meeting and determined that the J&J vaccine was safe enough.  A few days later, I saw news online that PSU would be resuming the vaccine clinic, featuring both the Johnson & Johnson and Moderna vaccines. Appointments were encouraged but walk-ins were also welcome.

I got online and scheduled appointments for both my husband and myself for 2 p.m. on Monday, May 3rd. The email that I received as confirmation said we should plan to be there NO EARLIER than 15 minutes before our appointment, and that we should expect to be there for 60 to 90 minutes. It didn't mention parking (provided right next to the Jordan center, for free) or what to bring (your driver's license or other photo ID).

"Seems like a pretty big deal to make over a shot!" my husband said. And maybe it was. We left the house around 1:20, and arrived at the Jordan Center a little early but not crazy early. There was lots of adequate signage.

We parked in the Covid vaccine parking area, marched in the front doors by the ticket office, gave our names and IDs to the two military dudes, then handed our IDs to a number of different people throughout the process. (Did I mention NOT to forget your ID?)

Then I was in line and the next military dude pointed me to the two gals at a table who would give me my shot and make up my little Covid card, with my name, vaccine, and date. The gal who did the shot was a real pro. She slid that needle in and out and I barely noticed it! Then came the Band-aid. And a sticker!

I asked her if I could have a sticker for my stuffed Tiger back home, and the gal's eyes lit up. She said SURE! And got out her cell phone to show me photos of her own little friend/sidekick, a stuffed Baby Yoda, who travels with her EVERYWHERE (but was not permitted to be present for shot-giving, apparently).

My husband and I got our shots, and had to sit for 15 minutes, waiting to see if we had a bad reaction. The area where we waited was spacious, and it was not crowded at all. Bathrooms were right there and available. And then we were done, and could pick up our Covid vaccine cards and go. We left the BJC by about 2:15!!!! (Yes, I sent them an email telling them what a great job they did.)

When we got home, T. Tiger was very interested in the whole story, and HE wanted a Band-aid too. So I gave him a Band-aid, and made him HIS OWN little Covid vaccine card. So now the whole family has one! Above you may see the Tiger with his new Covid card and the stickers, and of course, his little friends, the Crittergators.

If T. Tiger can do it, SO CAN YOU!!! One and done!!!!!  :-)

The soundtrack song for this story has to be this one: Pat Benatar, with Hit Me With Your Best Shot.

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